November - Fri 10th - Sun 12th 

South Island DTL Championships - NZCTA event

Shoot Programme


Friday 10 November 

Start time 10:00 a.m.  Entries close 11:00 a.m.

Skeet Championship 25 Targets

Ball Trap Championship 25 Targets

Cash Trophy 25 Pair Double Rise 


Saturday 11 November

15 Pair Double Rise Championship

25 Target Minis Championship

30 Target Triples Championship

25 Target Single Rise Championship


Sunday 12 November

25 Target Provincial Team Points Score Event

25 Target Handicap By Distance Championship

25 Target Points Score Championship

25 Target Single Barrel Championship


Start time Saturday and Sunday 8:30 a.m.  Same 5 shooter squads both days

Allan Miller Club Team match in conjunction with the Single Rise

A.T. Black Provincial Team trophy over the High Gun events

Entry $21.00 per Championship

Compulsory $2.00 High Gun (if entering all events) $10.00 optional sweeps

DTL target 28c, Minis 38c

Final qualifying event for World DTL Team

Buck Knives Nth/Sth qualifying $5.00 for open team



Pre-registration/nomination is now open.


Sheryl Anglem, phone:  0274 200 620



November - Sun 19th           

1 pm     Canterbury 100 (New Shoot)

            50 Single Rise

            25 Points

            25 Single Barrel


November - Tue 21st - Sun 26th           

NZ Skeet Champs

Shoot Programme


21 - 26 November - Start Times

9 am sharp each day

Entries Cut Off 10:30 am - no exceptions


Tuesday 21 November

50 Target NZ 28 Gauge Skeet Championship

50 Target NZ 410 Gauge Skeet Championship


Wednesday 22 November 

100 Target NZ 20 Gauge Skeet Championship

Sponsored by Perazzi


Thursday 23 November

50 Pair NZ Skeet Doubles Championship


Friday 24 November

50 Target NZ Handicap Skeet Championship

Sponsored by Mark Willis

Ellis/Webber North/South Skeet Teams Match


Saturday 25 November

100 Target NZ Skeet Championship

Sponsored by Falcon Ammunition


Sunday 26 November

Skeet Postal Teams Event


Championship Entry:  $27.00 per championship.  $10 optional sweeps

                                $2 High Gun.  Targets 31 cents


The NZ Skeet High Gun

This trophy to be awarded to the shooter achieving the highest aggregate score over ALL the NZ 

National Skeet Championship events




click here for entry form



Sheryl Anglem, phone:  0274 200 620



December -  9th   Xmas Shoot        

3 x 10tgt Single Rise

(DTL, SKT and Auto Trench practice fields open)

BBQ Lunch Provided



Provisional - 2018


January - Sun 21st


10 am    50 Skeet 

1pm       25 Single Rise 

             25 Points - Everett Memorial points score 

             25 Handicap by distance Club Champs 

             15 Pr. Double Rise