March - NZ DTL Nationals

Saturday 3rd

50 Target NZ Ball Trap Championship

15 Pair Double Rise Trophy Match sponsored by B&P

Sunday 4th - Falcon

Opening Ceremony and Provincial Shoulder to Shoulder Teams Event.

25 Pair NZ Double Rise Championship Sponsored by Falcon

25 Target NZ Minis Championship

Monday 5th - Winchester

50 Target NZ Handicap Championship Sponsored by Winchester

30 Target Triples Trophy Match Sponsored by Beretta

Tuesday 6th - NZ Dairy Farmers

45 Target NZ Triples Championship Sponsored by NZ Dairy Farmers 

25 Target Grouse Points Score Trophy Match Sponsored by Colin Stott (Club Patron) & Grapeworx

NZCTA AGM at conclusion of presentation but not before 4.30pm

Wednesday 7th - Craftsman Sports - Kreighoff

50 Target NZ Single Rise Championship Sponsored by Craftsman Sports-Kreighoff

Thursday 8th - Kilwell 

50 Target NZ Single Barrel Championship Sponsored by Kilwell

Buck Knives DTL North/South Teams even

25 Target Points Score Trophy Match sponsored by Kilwell

Hall of Fame evening 7.30pm

Friday 9th

50 Target NZ Points Score Championship Sponsored by Beretta

Glenn Cup Teams Event

Saturday 10th

100 Target NZ MacKintosh Teams Event Sponsored by Perazzi


Entry $27.00, Optional Sweep $10.00 plus target cost 31 cents.  Minis 40 cnets. White Flyer targets to be used at this tournament.


Beretta High Gun - Beretta 692E Trap Gun, 32" barrels - cased with adjustable comb and fixed chokes 3/4 & full over NZ Championship events from Sunday 4th.


High Guns for A,B,C grades over 4 trophy matches Sponsored by Shooters Supplies and CCTC


Pre-registration will be available online at the Canterbury Clay Target Club and NZCTA website January 2018.


Contact:  Sheryl -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Phone:  0274 200 620 



April - Sunday 22nd


10 am  25 Targets Skeet Everett/Attwood


1pm       10 Pair Double Rise Champs

             25 Targets Continental Champs

             25 Targets Points Score Trophy

             25 Targets Single Barrel Trophy


April - ISSF Double Trap North Zone (SI) Champs

Saturday 28th



April - 2018 South Island Double Trap Championship

Saturday 29th


May- Sunday 20th

10 am    50 Targets Skeet 

             50 Targets Trench Champs


1pm       50 Targets Single Rise

             15 Pair Double Rise Sweeps

             15 Targets Minis


May- Sunday 27th

9am      High Schools

             Skeet & DTL


June- Sunday 17th

9am      100 Target Skeet Club Champs

             North /  South Qualifier


1pm      50 Target Single Rise Trophy

             25 Target Single Barrel Trophy

             30 Target Triples Champs - Askey Memorial



July- Sunday 15th

10am      Vale Shield Teams

               25 Targets Single Rise

               15 Target Mini Club Champs

               15 Target Vale Shield Teams Match

               25 Target Single Barrel Trophy


August - Sunday 19th

10am      50 Targets Skeet

               25 Targets Trench


1pm       25 Targets Single Rise Club Champs

              25 Targets Single Barrel Club Champs

              25 Targets Points Score Club Champs

              15 Pair Double Rise


September - Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th

Canterbury Provincials



September - Saturday 21st

10am      50 Targets Skeet


1pm        50 Targets Single Rise

               25 Target Points Score

               10 Pair Double Rise



November - Saturday 18th

10am      50 Targets Skeet


1pm        25 Targets Single Rise

               25 Target Points Score

               25 Pair Double Rise


December - Saturday 16th

10am      3 x 10 Target Matches