1st and 3rd Sunday

10 am - 1 pm

Available DTL and Skeet

Every Wednesday:

1 pm to 3 pm
Available DTL and Skeet


Practice is subject to weather and Public holidays weekend’s 


Please see our Facebook for updates.



ISSF (Trench) Practice Days

Available by arrangement during practice days


ISSF (Skeet) Practice Days

Available by arrangement during practice days


Payment Options

We have two DTL and one Skeet practice fields set up with a token box which takes $2 coins only.  $2 coins will purchase 7 targets.


Disclaimer: The club advises that should the token/coin box malfunction the practice should be suspended and the administration be notified, the use of the token/coin box is at the users risk.



Before shooting practice all shooters must sign the CCTC Practice Book.



Ammunition is available for purchase on practice days.


Christmas Period

We will now have our Club more extensively available to all shooters during all periods.