When best to first visit our club


The best time for new shooters to first visit is on the 1st Sunday of each month - 10 am to 1 pm.


On arrival please visit the club office, you will normally then be able to talk about clay target shooting and membership with a committee member.


What is required


We recommend new shooters start off with 25 targets only on the first day.

On shoot days the club has available for sale ammunition and ear protection.

On shoot days the club has available for use a limited number of shotguns.




$8/27 targets per each token available at the office

$2/7 targets per each $2 coin


Eftpos facility available.


Ammunition = NZD$12.00 approx for box of 25 shells

Remember • Firearm safety is a must


• Only shotguns are permitted to be used in the appropriate locations on the grounds;


• If using your own equipment then it must be in good condition, safe to use and reliable;


• Closed in shoes must be worn;


• Hearing protection must be worn while shooting;


• Eye protection is recommended (required for skeet shooting);


• Shooters must obey all directions of the club officials/officers and abide by the club rules;


• Refer to Range Rules for more requirements.



If you have any other inquiries then please contact our Club Administrator.